Dead Rising 2 trailer

I have Dead Rising on my Xbox 360 console, and the game is pretty much bad ass, seeing as tho I LOVE zombie horror games. Left 4 Dead is still my #1 love, but this Dead Rising 2 looks pretty fucking bad ass. The trailer URL I grabbed from IGN doesn’t work on this site I guess, so I grabbed one off of YouTube.

Dead Rising 2 is set several years after the infamous zombie invasion of Willamette. Unfortunately, the zombie virus was not contained at the conclusion of Dead Rising, spreading unchecked throughout the United States and Dead Rising 2 depicts a country where zombie outbreaks continue to strike. Former National Motorcross driver Chuck Greene is the star of this one, I personally think he looks a lot more bad ass then Frank, although I will miss the photography.

According to Capcom, Dead Rising 2 is a “Volume up”, from the first. The only thing that would make the game better for me is if it were first person, but, ol well, I’ll still have a blast.


Lust, Booze & Murder

A few months after his arrest in October of 1981 for drunken and disorderly conduct, his father thought it best that Jeffrey go live with his grandmother in West Allis, Wisconsin. Things were calm for a few months, until he dropped his trousers in the company of a group of people. He had apparently had a bit to drink. He kept things under control for another four years until he was again arrested in September of 1986 for masturbating in front of two boys. He was put on probation for a year.

He killed his second victim, Steven Toumi, in a hotel room in September of 1987. The two of them had been drinking heavily in one of the popular gay bars. Dahmer didn’t know how he killed him, but when he awoke, Toumi was dead and blood was on his mouth. He bought a large suitcase and stuffed the body inside. After he took Toumi’s corpse to his grandmother’s basement, he had sex with it, masturbated on it, dismembered it and threw it in the garbage.

Several months later, he selected his third victim, a fourteen-year-old Native American boy named Jamie Doxtator, who hung around outside the gay bars, looking for relationships. Dahmer’s methods had become established by that time. Normally, he would meet and select his prey at gay bars or bathhouses. He would lure his victims by offering them money for posing for photographs or simply to enjoy some beer and videos. Then he would drug them, strangle them, masturbate on the bodies or have sex with the corpses, dismember the bodies and dispose of them. Sometimes he would keep the skulls or other body parts as souvenirs.

Marsha Hunt

Beauty: Quiana Grant


First Blood

The first person to plumb the depths of Jeffrey Dahmer’s depravity was Detective Patrick Kennedy. A huge bear of a man with dramatic handlebar mustache, he engaged Dahmer’s confidence and was the person to whom Dahmer confessed the details of his thirteen-year killing spree.

While Dahmer had fantasies about killing men and having sex with their corpses as early as age fourteen, he didn’t do anything about it until just after he graduated high school in June of 1978. He picked up a hitchhiker named Steven Hicks when Dahmer was living with his parents in the upscale community of Bath, Ohio. They had sex and drank beer, but then Hicks wanted to leave. Dahmer couldn’t stand the idea of Hicks leaving, so he struck him in the head with a barbell and killed him.

He needed to get rid of the body, so he cut it up, packaged it up in plastic garbage bags, and buried the bags in the woods behind his house. That fall, he attended Ohio State University for a semester but flunked out. At the end of 1978, he left to join the Army and was stationed in Germany. Apparently, he didn’t kill anyone when he was in the Army and this was corroborated by an exhaustive investigation by the German police. After a couple of years, the Army discharged him for alcoholism and he went to live in Florida before returning to Ohio. Once back home, he dug up Hicks’s body, pounded the decomposing corpse with a sledgehammer, and scattered the remains in the woods.

Swine flu

So, I’m only a little freaked out about this “Swine Flu”. I’m still skeptical weather or not this is man made, pumped into animals and then spread to people. There was an outbreak in 2007 in the Phillipines, a U.S outbreak in 1976. I’m still confussed abou these, “Viruses” just come from. Its like AIDS and SARS. There were two cases here in Texas, but the two high school students who were infected have since been healed from the flu. Being in Texas, I fear about the Mexican residents that are passing back in fourth through here for the last couple months, so, I can totally see this just spreading through Texas like crazy. I’m just waiting for the infected to progress into the living dead, a total zombie apocalypse.

The Head in the Fridge

The placid, rational blond man suddenly turned on them and fought as the other cop tried to cuff him. While the one officer subdued Dahmer, the other one went to the refrigerator and opened it. He shrieked loudly at the face that stared out at him and slammed the door. “There’s a f—king head in the refrigerator!”

A closer examination of the apartment revealed an intimate juxtaposition of the tidy and the unspeakable. While the small one-bedroom flat was neat and clean, especially for a bachelor, and his pet fish well cared for, the smell of decomposition was overwhelming.

The box of baking soda in the refrigerator hardly absorbed the odors of a decomposing severed head. The freezer had three more heads, stored neatly in plastic bags and tied with plastic twisties.

There was a door that led to the bedroom, bedroom closet and bath, which had been outfitted with a dead-bolt lock. Anne E. Schwartz, the reporter who was first on the scene, describes what she saw in her book The Man Who Could Not Kill Enough: “…in the back of the closet was a metal stockpot that contained decomposed hands and a penis. On the shelf above the kettle were 2 skulls.

Also in the closet were containers of ethyl alcohol, chloroform, and formaldehyde, along with some glass jars holding male genitalia preserved in formaldehyde…Polaroid photos taken by Dahmer at various stages of his victims’ deaths. One showed a man’s head, with the flesh still intact, lying in a sink. Another displayed a victim cut open from the neck to the groin, like a deer gutted after the kill, the cuts so clean I could see the pelvic bone clearly.” Some of the photos were his victims before he murdered them in various erotic and bondage poses.

The police, the county medical examiner, the media, families of missing young men, Jeff Dahmer’s family, the entire city of Milwaukee, and the whole world tried to understand what had really happened in Apartment 213. Eventually the story began to tumble out.