Twisted lives…Bizarre motives…Brutal murder pt.2

So, heres an update of the book I’m reading. I finished reading a chaper titled “The girl in the Closet”, and its about the double murder of two parents by their 23 year old son, Oliver Petrovich. He planned to kill his father, Peter Petrovich, after Peter didnt approve of his relationship with Oliver’s black girlfriend, Karlene Francis, better known as “Angel”, she was a skinny beautiful girl, and he was a handsome “dork”. During 1988, Oliver met Karlene, after she had asked him for some money to get some food with, his family was rich, and she was poor, he decided to take her out to eat. After that, they begin dated and she lived in his room, without either of his parents knowing, after a while Oliver’s mother eventually caught them one day, she promised her son that she would keep it a secret, his mother, Anna, seemed to actually like the girl. One weekend tho, his father caught them leaving the house, he threated to kill both of them if she came around again. Oliver soon plotted to kill his father. Angel tried to talk him out of it, and for the time being, he didnt think about it, but it was getting harder to sneak the girl into his room, and the stress was unbearable, so he decided he had to kill his father. Things got even more heated after Anna confessed to Peter, that Angel was still living in the home, he went crazy and once again threatened his son. Oliver went upstairs got his father 12 gauge shot gun, and eventually shot both his parents in the head. Well, after all the nonsense, and murder, Oliver was found guilty and received two 50 year sentences. After all this, Angel never visited him in prison. Pretty fucked up shit.

This isnt a picture of Oliver and Angel, but whatever. lol


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  1. thats my friend ….

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