twisted lives…bizarre motives…brutal murder

I took a trip to “Half Price Books” a couple days ago, and searched around the bargain section. I found this book titled “Killer Kids” by Cliff Linedecker, 97818452943421shocking true strories of children who have murdered their parents.  I got through 5 chapters in less then an hour, I was anxious to finish the tale I had begun and eager to get to all the rest. I love reading about true crime, so finding this juicy book for only 1.00 buck was the highlight of my day!

In the first chapter was about 19 year old, Pamela Knuckles, her siblings, Bart and Debbie and, her mom, Nancy was pretty much a super cunt, and was borderline psychotic, he religion took over her life, her life was taken during the summer of 1984 in Illonois. She would put her children in laundry bags and throw them in a closet if they did anything wrong, as in, watching t.v, eating meat or candies, and other things she didnt see fit that her children should do. As the 3 siblings got order, Bart and Pamela, plotter to finally get rid of their mom for good by chocking. The night before the murder, Pamela had snuck into her mothers room to do away with her that night, but she just couldnt bring herself to do it while watching her mom sleep, she looked so peaceful. While leaving the room, Pamela bumped into a dressor and woke her mom, she asked “What are you doing in my room at this time?”, Pamela responed, “Mom, I came up here to murder you, dont you think im crazy now? Please get me some help.” Pamela had warned her mom before, that she didnt fill well, he mom only responded as saying “Get on your knees, the help you need is Jesus.” The next mourning as her mom was leaving for work, Pamela slipped a loop of twine around her mothers neck and strangled her to death, her brother Bart put a trash bag around her head to make sure the old woman was dead.
There was also the story of, Larry Swartz, 17 year old wrestler and co captain of the junior varsity soccer team. He was adopted by Robert and Kate Swartz when her was 6 years old. Through out his living with them, he was beaten and tormented by his parents, for just not being good enough. After a night of sarcasm from his mother and drinking a bottle of rum, he smashed his mom on the top of head with wood spliting maul, when his father heard the commotion, Larry grabbed a knife and stabbed his father in the heart. Well, I just googled Larry and according to reports, he was released from prison 9 years after murdering his parents, got married, had a daughter, and then died at 37, in 2005.

Another excerpt from the book is of former 50’s actress Harriet Roman, better known as Susan Cabot. At 59, she was single and lived alone in L.A with her 21 year old son, Timothy Scott Roman, he was born a dwarf, and was injected with an estimated 400,000 human cadavers, in an expririmental hormone treatment to have him grow taller. Ok seriously? 400,000 dead people, I mean, how expirimental can you get??? Well, at least he’s just injecting them and not eating them. Yum! Susan was hollywood B-movie actress in the 50’s, googling her pics, and WOW! she’s gorgeous. On December 10, 1986, when police searched around, he told him that “ninjas” had broken into the home. He later confessed that he was the one that killed his mother, but he said it wasnt on purpose, but that she had faught with him, swinging a dumbell at him, he said he just merely tried to hold her down, but accidently struct her with the dumbell instead. Even reading about the relationship with his mother was spooky, kind of a weird, “Pyscho” vibe. They were both pretty much wack jobs. Even the judge said that she “had it coming” and that she brung it on herself. The kid had just gotten fed up. He spent 3 years in prison.


4 responses to “twisted lives…bizarre motives…brutal murder

  1. i also am reading this book, and find it intriguing, i tried googling pamela knuckles to find out wat happened to her, but couldnt find anything

  2. she married. lives in ky.iknow pam and her bro .pam isnt as evilas they make her

  3. Susan cabot’s dwarf kinder got 3 years suspeneded I think, not three years in jail. Why anything then? lol
    The Judge even said Susan Cabot deserved it? ? Really?
    Never the criminals fault is it?

  4. I was friends with Tim Roman from our time at Birmingham High School through his own passing a decade ago. He was a nice, quiet kid who lived a tortured life. He was not a “wack job” as you’d like to call him; however, to know the full details is to understand what led him to commit the horrendous act. If anything, his time in jail (not prison) was probably more sane than living with his mother.

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